My Ted Talk – How to live your good ideas


Here you can see my Ted talk from TedXlinz in Austria, called How to live your good ideas.

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Q) I like it, where can I find out more?
A) Many of the ideas in my Ted Talk come from my new book “The Awesome Department”. It has 34 different ideas, just like the ones in this Ted Talk. You can get the book:

Kindle version from the USA: The Awesome Department for Kindle.

Paperback version from (USA) here: The Awesome Department paperback

Kindle version for Europe: The Awesome Department for Kindle Europe.

Paperback version for Europe: The Awesome Department paperback

Q) Are schools really “Machines for Sameness”?
A) While teachers work REALLY hard, and many schools do an amazing job, there is an obsession with standards and sameness.

It is perfectly OK to work to the same standards, and in many places this is needed. It is important that, perhaps, everyone in the class learns to speak the same language, read the same alphabet, and agree on the same socially acceptable norms. But in some cases there can be a stronger need for the maverick, the stand-out, the different.

A sports star must push themselves further to be faster than everyone else, not the same speed.

The artist must paint the most beautiful picture, not the same picture.

The virtuoso must play the song with more passion, not the same amount of passion.

You may want to watch this video for more inspiration:

Q) What can schools do to be different?
A) There is so much you can do to be different. One of the easiest things to try is to let students pick their own textbooks. Instead of giving all 30 of the students in your class the same book to read, give them a different one each, or a choice of several. Then get your students to present and share the best parts from each text book and teach one-another.


Here is a photo of some of my students from my “Blue Team” class, each presenting a different book. Some students prefer to read books in English, some in Danish, but they share the insights from each text book with one another.

Q) How can I get your education for free?
There are lots of ways to join my classes completely for free!

I currently teach 3 classes in Odense, Denmark. They are:
Multimedia Design and Communication
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
E-concept Development

If you would like to apply, please send an email to Morten Lassen. His email is Morten is a really nice guy, and he will help you with any requests or questions you may have.

My lessons are taught in English.

Courses start twice a year, with a Summer start and a Winter start.

EU, Nordic and Baltic citizens

If you are a citizen of an EU or Nordic country tuition is free.
Also for foreigners with a permanent residence permit the tuition is free of charge.

Erasmus students

Tuition is free of charge and you may borrow books at the academy.

Non-EU citizens

Due to regulations from the Danish Ministry of Education, there is a tuition fee for foreigners from a non-EU country.

If we accept your application, after having seen your diplomas, you need a residence permit for Denmark.

Please notice that you must pay tuition fee for first semester before you can apply for a student’s residence permit. Tuition fee for the following semesters must subsequently be paid in advance as well.

The Tuition fee is 45.000 DKK per semester – tuition fee only includes teaching – additional costs for books, study trips etc. have to be paid separately by the student. Additional costs are maximum 5000 DKK per semester.

Scholarship possibility for non-EU citizens

The Danish parliament has launched a scholarship program for non EU citizens. There are only very few scholarships available, and only applicants nominated by the academy can get into consideration. The applications will be forwarded by the college. The application deadline for the scholarship is 25 April.

To find more information about these scholarships please click here.

Q) How else can I get your classes for free?
There are lots of other great ways to get classes for free, regardless of your eligibility to my 3 main courses. I also have a great program of free mini-courses that are completely open to the public, from any country and any background.

Innoevent – Come and join a week long innovation event – Open to the public, to businesses, and to everyone around the world.

Cup Of Tea Social – Come to our unique, one-off events. Open to the public and completely free. We have guest speakers from all over the world.

Take the 6 Step Awesomeness boost – Learn online for free via email.

There will also be lots of other events around the world that are free and open. I will update you with details if you join the facebook page here

Q) Did you really get your students to jump off the Stratosphere Tower?

A) Yes!

Q) Can you really encourage students to be different?
A) Yes. Take a look at this presentation from one of my students, Neil Harbisson, who attended one of my lectures in 2003. We worked together with ideas that would change his life, into a cyborg. You will see that all you have to do is to play with ideas and you can change lives.

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