Awesome idea: The House of Relations

Today I was invited to a reception at the amazing House of Relations here in Odense, Denmark.
It’s a beautiful old building close to the center of the town, where digital natives, creatives, businesses, developers and big thinkers can come together to share ideas, collaborate and build new relationships.

Harald Tokerød and his team invited me to see the new “Headquarters” a few weeks ago, but now they are officially open for business, and business looks to be going very well indeed. Harald and the team at House of Relations want to encourage new businesses to innovate and create together, and he is also building links with new investors to generate growth in the digital and creative sector here in Odense.

The opening was amazingly positive, and there was a wide range of guests at today’s reception, from seasoned professionals to hot new start-ups and everyone in between.

The House of Relations seems to be putting the social networking of digital media back into the real world, creating an amazing, stylish and very Scandinavian feeling space right in the heat of the city.

It was also great to sample the delights of hot new restaurant Lei:K featuring the crowed-funding chef Kim Lei-Jensen, and see so many different creative professionals turn out to support such a great new project.

The House of Relations is already making waves, even though its just unpacked and barely settled in to its new home. But with such a great attitude to outreach to the digital community I predict it will be the hottest house for media relationships in Odense over the next 5 years.


  • It was indeed a very special evening for us with so many great people joining and making it a very special day. We’re very thankful for this very impressive blogpost and we will all we can to live up to this prediction ;0)

  • Helene says:

    I couldn’t agree more – it is a very exiting house, and there were people of all sorts. Very inspirering :0)

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