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Hi everyone! I want to share my lessons with everyone, so I am testing out something completely new!

Its been my mission in life to help people boost their creativity, and now I want to boost yours, in just 6 days!

Just put your name and email in the box below. I will send you a series of tasks that you can try each day to boost your creativity. These are not your normal boring tasks, but things that will really help melt your brain!

The course is BRAND NEW and you only have to spend about 30 mins (sometimes less) each day working on your ideas. By the end of the week you will have created some amazing ideas, I promise!

Put your name and e-mail in the box below and get your completely free and exclusive 6 Day Creativity Boost course delivered to your inbox now!

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Because the course is brand new, you are in the first 1000 people to test it out, so please e-mail me any questions or feedback to adam@awesomedepartment.com and I will get back to you right away.