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Adam Montandon
Associate Professor of Innovation, Denmark

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Awesome Thinking

Are you creative and frustrated that your boss, clients, and colleagues always try to kill good ideas? Learn the secrets that change peoples minds, and help them decide to do awesome stuff.

Start-up Techniques

Learn how you can start to do amazing work with tiny budgets, and inspire others to get involved to build an Awesome Department.

Discover improvements

Discover how to make the biggest successes by looking at big failures. Find the faults in boring people and make sure you never start to act like one.

Practical creativity boosts

If you have tried everything, you need these mind-blowing brain-boosting techniques to turbo charge your creativity. Find the power to turn ideas into reality.

Things you can do with your Awesome Department.

  • Encourage imagination.
  • Have unusual adventures.
  • Use your own individual initiative.
  • Brings the idea of playfulness into your typical workday.
  • Create more time for interesting projects and do less boring work stuff.
  • The Awesome Department always has a safety net, no matter how big the fall.
  • The Awesome Department helps even the most boring people to embrace creativity, fun and randomness.
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Change your workday

If you've ever been pissed off by someone cutting the budget on a cool project, if you've ever had a client who just wont leave you alone to get on with your amazing ideas, if you ever dreamed of doing something just a little bit better than what you are doing now, its time to start an Awesome Department.

Become Awesome

Start an Awesome Department - Like HR or Accounts, but this time its Awesome.

Develop "Crisis rituals" - when things go really wrong, don't be scared, do this.

Creativity boosting - makes even the most boring work become creative.

Use sudden bursts of controlled randomness.

About the author

Adam Montandon is an Associate Professor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Denmark. He has spent the last 3 years researching some of the most amazing and unique companies in the world, trying to find out what makes them Awesome.

Adam has given lectures worldwide, and leads large scale innovation workshops for 500 students every year.

He has appeared in award winning documentaries and TV shows for Discovery Channel, Research TV, and many more.

Adam loves to share his knowledge with people around the world, and his new book The Awesome Department contains the unexplored secrets of what makes businesses really creative.

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Crazy ideas

I learned a lot during his unusual, very effective and interesting lessons. The most important thing I learned is never to give up, and to know there is always a way to realize my crazy ideas. It was a pleasure to be part of his lessons.

Olivia Schmuck

Photographer, Germany

Endless Enthusiasm

His ability to make the seemingly impossible a reality makes Adam's involvement invaluable. Adam's endless enthusiasm makes working with him a thoroughly enlightening experience.

Mark Dowsett

Founder of Stranger Studio London

A Different View

You can always count on Adam to have a different view or angle to a problem or a solution which makes him a valuable work-partner. He seems to find a way no matter what the job is.

Mads Ramkaer

Multimedia Designer, Denmark

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